NPR’s True Colors (old school red, of course)

While my disagreements with Juan Williams are focused on his far too liberal views and analysis, I believe that his treatment by NPR truly shows their true colors. You cannot say, as a news organization, that you are open to discourse and then fire someone for doing just that - partake in open discourse. Should they apply the same judgment to other NPR “analysts” like Cokie Roberts?

And DO THEY … ???

(yeah, you all know the answer, just thought i’d ask …)

Go through the NPR “livery” of analysts and tell me they were truly fair with Juan. And, if you truly say you seek the truth, your answer is, no, they have not been fair to Juan.

Alas, true old school red (communist / socialist / fascist) censorship pops up and snaps off a man of integrity’s head!

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Best product for those on the go …

If you are interested in making group messaging and coordination easier, you need to get the products I’m about to tell you about. You can be sure that these friends of mine have created something great!!!

The product is a hassle free way to keep a group of any size in sync! If you want to have an easy way to keep everyone up to date, and you want to guarantee that they will get your message, especially when you all are on the go, then this is the perfect solution for you!

Using this innovative mobile group communications technology, you no longer have to be sitting at your computer or pay exorbitant prices for data plans that come with having a smart phone. Simply use the simple Send-From-Phone feature to send your text message to everyone that has subscribed to your list and they will receive your text message on their phones, instantly, with no hassles or crazy data plan charges!

The most powerful feature, Reply-All, enables you to communicate like no one else today! Anyone who is an active member of the group can send a text message to the system and all the members of the group will receive the message. This means that every reply to the original text message is received by every active member - now your entire group stays in sync, instantly!

It’s easy for you to create all the groups you need by using the Unlimited Groups feature. By combining the Send-From-Phone feature with an innovative set of easy to use commands, you can create any number of groups, from either your phone or on the web - and it only takes a few seconds to create an unlimited number of groups!

So, check out the different ones you can use: — for sports teams, cheer squads, co-ed softball, any kind of sport — for fraternities and sororities, managing your local chapter, whatever you want — for ladies on the go that like to keep in touch, meet for coffee, or just catch up — for the band, the roadies, the fans, the fun just never stops — for announcing your new addition to your family, whenever you want without a computer

Get started today!!!

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Hmmm … is anything goin’ on these days?

yep … I’ve been working on so many projects … and there have been so many things going on. should i gear up to post again soon?

wait a minute, doesn’t this now qualify as a post? (yeah, just gotta love the indirection and ultimately recursion, wouldn’t you say … ???)


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We, The People, Know National Security

StatsYou all are aware that we are seriously vulnerable right now in regards to National Security, right? You know that Congress left to party and have a great time before renewing the Protect America Act, right? You know that there are no protections in place for companies that help track down terrorists, right? You know that of the 29 Senators that voted against extension of the Protect America Act, 24 took monies from trial lawyers that have sued companies helping to track down terrorists, right? You know all this because our friends in the media make it a point of sharing with you the importance these issues have in relation to our National Security, right?

Sure … right … I know they haven’t, too.

It is sad that the media and Washington’s elite continue to spin their untruths about the Protect America Act. While spinning all this muck, they continue to threaten our security. Just remember, they are doing this for another vote that will net them 4 more years sucking money from we, the tax payers! This is all about their ego, money for free, and power to tell you what they think is right - because you are too dumb to know. Yep, government knows best, we the people are sheep, and things like National Security are too far above our heads to grasp.

There is someone out there that hears your concerns and is aware of how you feel. They have published results from a poll to see just what you all know, and just how far off Washington’s elite and the media machine really are on knowing you, the American people! American Solutions for Winning America asked the Polling Company to cover three key areas: the Protect America Act, protection for companies that help track down terrorists, and the self-interests of Senators who took money from trial lawyers that sued companies that helped track down terrorists. Let’s take each one as a separate issue as well.

In regards to our immediate National Security being at risk, the Protect America Act was due to be renewed a short time ago. Well, our elected free loaders Congress decided to take 12 days off instead of voting to renew the Act. Yep, the “all about me” crowd decided to leave us all exposed instead of doing what is right and maintaining a strong front against terrorism (like this is nothing new, I know). So, the Polling Company asked we, the people, did we think it was right for Congress to leave to party and whoop it up for 12 days before voting to renew the Act. Here is what we, the people, have to say about their deplorable conduct:

Was leaving on a 12 day recess without renewing the Protect America Act best for our safety?

  • Should have renewed the Act before leaving: 71%
  • Republican: 83%
  • Democrat: 63%
  • Independent: 68%

As you can see, across the board, everyone says they should have actually renewed the Act. Of course, no one in the media cared to tell us what we already know. They just continue to sweep this under the rug even though OVERALL, more than 60% of we, the people, wanted Congress to DO SOMETHING RIGHT!!!

Moving on …

There is a very important facet to the protection of our beloved country. I fought for our country to continue to be free, as many of you have as well. I also believe that to maintain a strong front against terrorism, one must enlist all resources capable of supporting the effort. This includes those in the private sector, companies, that have a myriad of ways and opportunities to help our government track down terrorists. However, these brave folks in these companies have little to no protection at all from freak-fest lawsuits! These brave souls are out there, with no one to watch their six, and they get routinely stabbed in the back for keeping us safe. Well, how do you all feel about this, and is the media and Washington’s elite share your concerns? Well, here is what we, the people, have to say about this:

If a company helps the government track down terrorists, should these companies be afforded protection from lawsuits?

  • Agree with protection against lawsuits: 75%
  • Republican: 89%
  • Democrat: 65%
  • Independent: 77%

Again, the media and Washington just don’t see it. We are greater than 65% behind those companies that help to track down terrorists! What the heck is going on, anyway? Self-aggrandizing politicians and media twits are twisting this against us, and we need to spread the word - they need to tell the truth, now.

Moving on …

Did you know that there are a sizeable amount of lawyers out there that make money from suing companies that help track down terrorists? Did you know that from the money awarded in these cases, $1.5 Million went to our US Senators and other political causes? There were 29 Senators that voted against the extension of the Protect America Act. AND, 24 of those 29 took money from these 66 trial lawyers that donated this $1.5M!!! Yeah, these free-loadin’ Senators who already get paid way more than they should be, also took donations from the trial lawyers suing companies that have helped to keep us all safe!!! Plain and simple this shows that Senators are willing to put their own self-interests over the safety and welfare of all of us - we the people. Yeah, I can just hear the media and Washington’s elite providing us this powerful bit of news, what about you? Well, as before, here is what we, the people, have to say about this:

Senators put their own political self-interests above National Security - and take money from trial lawyers who sue companies that help track down terrorists

  • Agree Senators put their own political self-interests above National Security: 58%
  • Republican: 74%
  • Democrat: 48%
  • Independent: 61%

OK, so here is where you can see the true colors of the Democrats polled. If you give them a mulligan, you can still see that greater than 60% of we, the people, know that Senators only care about their own political gains and really care less about our National Security.

Look, the fence isn’t the only thing we need for our own protection. But, wouldn’t you say we all need some protection from our own elected officials and the main stream media? Really, these people are DANGEROUS to our own safety!

Think hard when you vote … bigger changes are needed … I’m gonna keep up on what American Solutions for Winning the Future … you should too!

If you are interested in helping American Solutions, or you are interested in the full data collected from their most recent poll, contact me: Fix4RSO :at: FIX4RSO :dot: com

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NIE - Nothing Intelligent Exuded

Ah yes, we now have another back-N-forth issued from within our own borders. This NIE Report, which no one has even read yet, makes more trouble than it is worth. In fact, I believe that this latest NIE Report gives more ammo to scary world leaders like Putin and Ahmadinejad. And now, with “insightful?” commentary from StratFor’s writer George Friedman, proof is now up front that we’ve got a bigger problem listening to the likes of the NIE Report which has little HUMINT data.

Here, these two paragraphs just got me to sit up and read this article carefully:

With this announcement, the dynamics of the Middle Eastern region, Iraq and U.S.-Iranian relations shift dramatically. For one thing, the probability of a unilateral strike against Iranian nuclear targets is gone. Since there is no Iranian nuclear weapons program, there is no rationale for a strike. Moreover, if Iran is not engaged in weapons production, then a broader air campaign designed to destabilize the Iranian regime has no foundation either.

The NIE release represents a transformation of U.S. policy toward Iran. The Bush administration made Iran’s nuclear weapons program the main reason for its attempt to create an international coalition against Iran, on the premise that a nuclear-armed Iran was unacceptable. If there is no Iranian nuclear program, then what is the rationale for the coalition? Moreover, what is the logic of resisting Iran’s efforts in Iraq, rather than cooperating?

The second sentence in the second paragraph is where you should all begin to sit up and take note. If you believe that that sentence leads you to believe that we are wrong for being watchful when it comes to Iran’s nuclear weapons development program, I weep for you …

Be very careful, people - this isn’t just Israel we are talking about. In today’s world, Pearl Harbor is now your own backyard. Weapons can be delivered farther than a series of aircraft that can only reach the Hawaiian Islands. And we are only 2 days away from that ill fated day … take heed.

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Channel THIS Roosevelt!!!

My older sister sent me this snippet - she knows Teddy and Winston are powerful, insightful, and also quite with the times even today:

“In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American…There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag… We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language… and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”

Theodore Roosevelt, 1907

Gotta tell ya - heard any of the candidates today stumble into words so powerful and true?

[nope - too affraid of going back to when Europe hates us more than now is DANGEROUS, eh?]

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Been away - work’s been the cause!

Well, just making sure everyone knows I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. Work had been very busy up until August. I’m now out lookin’ for a new place to work.

In the meantime, as I’ve been on the search, I’ve also been forging ahead on my own company. Software is such a wonderful medium with which to build a business. Plus, I can plow through tons of development with my business partner, remotely! He works at his house, on his own time, I work here at home, on my own time.

We’ll break out into the market early next year - if all goes well.

I’ll post again, soon - that is sooner than this last break!

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ReviewMe and VA Mortgage Center

I’ve been a member of the ReviewMe program since inception. I always felt that the program was solid, because it gives the author of a blog the opportunity to choose the products that best suit the audience and deserve attention. I know that some frown on “pay for posts” but then, these same folks use ads and such on their sites and blogs. So, frown away, but I like the following company I am about to review, VA Mortgage Center.

Just to be clear, this is a sponsored post, a paid review, of the VA Mortgage Center.

I’ve been contacted quite a few times via snail-mail by the VA Mortgage Center because I am a member of the Air Force Association. Because I’ve agreed to receive contact from companies that seek out Air Force Association members, I get mailers from time to time from the VA Mortgage Center. I’ve read the material and one good thing is, I’ve kept them on my short list of firms to call once I decide to re-fi my home loan.

Which, odly enough, is coming very soon … :)

My wife and I were speaking about this just this evening. We are remodeling our home, and we have a HELOC (home equity line of credit) that we are using during construction. We plan to collapse the HELOC into a primary loan, and re-fi the whole package. I was telling my wife about the opportunity to write a paid review of the VA Mortgage Center, and she said, “Well, if you write an article/review, can’t they give us a break on the points?”

Clearly, she gets the whole process. :)

Anyway, I’ve looked into the VA Mortgage Center, and found that they have a strong reputation and solid backing. They are also listed with the Better Business Bureau, and their report can be found here: BBB-Online Report. I’ve used as well as a google search and haven’t found any negative articles or complaints - you can do the same, use the following links: Search for complaints against VA Mortgage Center

Google Search for complaints against VA Mortgage Center

I hope that if you are in the market for a va loan, home loan, or even a re-fi, please give the folks at VA Mortgage Center a try. You really should take advantage of your va benefits, and this is just one avenue. I will be - ya know, I listen to my “chain of command”, and she’s instructed me to check ‘em out! :)

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Crack Open the Memory Bank, Herk

Alrighty then … this post is for Herk over at Herk’s view on Life. I was commenting on a post he just made about recon planes, specifically ones that qualify for COIN (counter insurgency) missions, as he posted a bit about the OV-10. That was a model I built waaay back in my days … and I remember to this day.

As I was commenting, I remembered Herk is “herk” ’cause he worked on C-130s - as did I. Well, since I know that he’s climbed around on a few, and I suspect under like I (Doppler Nav radome is in the belly just behind the nose wheel well - well, sorta, and no pun intended there). So, Herk, name this item:

Guess This Item, Dude!

And, for those of you that are curious and have never seen me post this before, you may guess as well! It’s funny, I almost had a contractor who has been working on our house throw this away! All the trouble I went through to get this HOME says, that guy was gonna get an upside the head!

So, Herk, here’s to the good old bird!

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I was gonna try to stretch this one out …

But, 47 days is long enough.

I have been trying to test when my overall traffic would fall off based on inactivity on my part. I noticed that no matter how hard I worked on my posts, I kept a steady state of 12-18 hits per day. That’s OK, but I was losing a ton of sleep - and with a new job that requires travel, well, blogging was getting tough for the return.

Then, a few family things happened, and I had to stop blogging.

I began to watch the numbers day to day.

Of course, hits per day fell to about 10-12 … hmmm … they started to climb. Huh … ???

I have been averaging 30-35 hits per day the last 30 days. I have not posted - been itchin’ to post, but, had to stick to my guns and watch traffic. Kept growing from 10-12 -to- 30-35 … no ’splain’in … as Desi used to say to Lucy!

Also, TTLB and Technorati weren’t sufferin’ too bad either. What on earth is goin’ on …

More to come, I think. Maybe this post will make my numbers … fall … ???

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It’s Clunky Before It’s Smooth

I’ve been trying a few different things that prove to generate a teensy bit of revenue a year to pay for my hosting fees. I have several domains as well as this domain, I know that things may seem a bit choppy, and there are these weird ads showing up between posts - I’m experimenting with different ad applications and providers other than those snooty-guys with the $450+ stock price, you know the mega-giant (who shall be nameless)?! I never ever generated anything at all from them, ever! And, the only reason to have ads from Amazon is ’cause I can target my own personal likes in an ad - and if ya like, ya clickee-clickee and maybe buy too!

Recently I posted about Text Link Ads and how they have generated some revenue. This is a start-up group of folks that have been working very hard to give us bloggers some easy tools to use, good content, and some cash! They also started a site called ReviewMe - but I haven’t popped to the surface there at all. And just recently these same crazy ad guys started a new service called AuctionAds! The power is really beginning to dawn on me - I just hope some cash does too!

AuctionAds gives you the power to put eBay auction items on your blog sidebar, in between posts - well, just anywhere ya wanna stuff the code! You can create ad campaigns, giving you the power to analyze and then realize which location gives you the most returns on value via impressions and click throughs. I am trying to use campaigns right now: one tower ad in the sidebar and then individual ad chunks between each post. So far, they’re both easy to install and work nicely.

Again, these folks that started Text Link Ads (TLA) are giving us some very cool tools with which to get a little coin without a bunch of pain to implement, and without mucking up your whole look and feel.

I’m stickin’ with the TLA team, what about you?!

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Just Gotta Love California USAF Reserves

Nothin’ says California like the tail of a C-17 from California’s USAF Reserve at March AFB:

[DVIDS - USAF photo by A1C Nathan Doza]

I saw this over at DVIDS and just HAD to post it!

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Fallen Airman - 332nd Air Expeditionary Wing

It’s true, no one wants to have to memorialize anyone that has given the ultimate sacrifice serving their country. But when our brave men and women serving their country,our country, have fallen while performing their duty, they shall be given the respect they deserve.

[DVIDS — USAF photo by Staff Sgt. Michael R. Holzworth]

“Command Chief Master Sgt. Scott Dearduff briefs Chief Master Sgt. Rudy Lopez and Air Force Surgeon General James Roudebush on the Fallen Airman’s Memorial which was created to honor the 332nd Air Expeditionary Wing Airmen that have given the ultimate sacrifice for their country, Balad Air Base, Iraq, Feb. 26. Roudebush came to Balad to meet with 332nd Air Expeditionary Wing leadership and asses the efficiency of the air medical operations in the region.”

Thank God men like these are there to ensure all the fallen are given the respect, praise, and support they and their families deserve.

Now, to those who expend their breath trying to convince us they support those who protect us all, I believe they cheapen memorials such as these. It saddens me when I have to listen to the spew-ridden, soulless, vote-gettin’ politicians, and their cabal of Satan-forgiving main stream media types, trying to make us all believe they support the troops. If you truly inspect the record of those doing this unholy deed (lying to us all) you can see they have quite a history that contradicts their glowing statements of today.

Do you honestly expect me to believe someone like Mike Wallace actually supports the troops? The same Mike Wallace that spent countless hours deriding and destroying those who served in Vietnam? The same, “man”, that put everything on the line to promote an agenda of destruction that to this day has roots so deep I believe continue to choke those who served so bravely and were sold a steaming bag of excrement. Just because they may have served, or may have taken the field of battle to report, does not excuse the destruction they have directed at us all.

Again, one can only take so much - and how much have you checked into the backgrounds of those that say, “I support the troops.”?

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Get Paid by TextLink Ads!

OK, you’ve seen my sidebar that has TLA logos, etc, right? Have you actually set up an account and placed your ads along your sidebar? No? Well, get with it! :)

I’ve had TLA on my site the moment I found out who they were. And, over time, I’ve made a few dollars - not a King’s Ransom, but enough to pay my hosting costs. I just received another check in the mail today!

I want to thank my current TLA Sponsor,! Right now they are doing a promo for Sony Ericsson Open Tennis Tournament tickets. In fact, if you are into tennis, they have the most recent tourneys covered, here. And, even if you aren’t into tennis, they began posting this year links for the Super Bowl, and you can even find tickets for concerts - well, all sorts of venues!

So, if you get crackin’ on your TLA account, maybe you can make a few dollars to cover your yearly hosting fees, like me!

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The 104.9 Missile hit me DEAD SPOT ON!

Dang, I thought that I had dodged the bullet. Alas, not so … celebrity fever smack down has hit me as well. My wife got slammed about a day before me, so the whole house is a friggin’ sick ward!

If you see this virus hit anyone that your kids come into contact with, or someone you know at your work, then I have one thing to say:


Yikes, what an evil virus. And, if you had a flu shot, this one was not on their list. Twits! I never get flu shots anymore as I believe it is a complete waste of time.

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104.9 - Just Not Right

Well, we’re back home, early …

Our youngest, who is Type I diabetic (insulin dependent) had a temperature of 104.9! We tried to control it, but ended up going to Eisenhower Emergency (Palm Desert/Palm Springs/Rancho Mirage) just to be sure. That emergency room was like a place I never want to go again. You really do experience the depth to which our medical system has been dragged once you enter California’s emergency rooms. I felt like I stepped into someone’s cruel idea they had in store for those requiring immediate care.

One woman had waited SEVEN HOURS to be seen. For what condition, I have no idea, but at least she was mobile and capable. Our daughter was at 103-105, tired, it was 1am, and people were coughing. By 2am, we asked the triage nurse to check her temperature - if it dropped, we’d go home. It had slipped a bit closer to 102, so the nurse gave us some tylenol, and we took her back to the house.

Yesterday morning, I jammed everything in the car, we topped her off with some more tylenol, and hit the road for the 8+ hour drive home. Both girls were tired, but I think they feel better being in their own home.

For a short vacation, it was a bust … too bad …

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Oh My! The Weather is AWESOME!

We decided to take a short trip to SoCal and left yesterday! There is nothing like a last minute trip to a climate that is warmer than the one you currently are experiencing.

I’ll be adding a few snaps once we return. The one thing on our trip I really wish I snapped a photo of was when we were “buzzed” by a C-17 out on HWY 395, just outside of Adelanto! The crew was practicing TAGs, and they were on their last one.

The girls were rapt - as was my wife!

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Awards Shows and Honor?

Yeah, sure, an honorable institution, uh-huh. So, you like to watch the Grammies? I bet you may even think to some extent that they have some level of truth - at least for an awards show. I disagree, and always have, and always will, these things are complete bunk. Evidence, I have three words for you:

The Dixie Chicks

Say no more …

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Apple Crisp or Dutch Apple Pie?

These two desserts look to be pretty much the same thing. And, to the person standing there watching you make these two after dinner delights, it sure looks like you used the same ingredients, mixed the batter, rolled the dough, prepared the apples, you know, the same steps. But, there are subtle nuances that can be found, if one actually takes the time and has the experience, in making these two classic desserts.

The Main Stream Media thinks they understand how the US Military gets troops ready for battle. These are the same scum that miss some glaringly obvious nuances and truly “forked us” in regards to Vietnam.

In this last Sunday’s San Francisco “Comical” (SF Chronicle to those of you that respect this friggin’ rag!), Anna Badkhen, the person that typed the piece of fiction to which I refer, says that the US Military has “cut corners” to get personnel into the field. She asserts that shorter training times and lack of equipment have hurt readiness. One of the choice paragraphs that exposes her lack of understanding follows:

“Soldiers of the 1st Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division had so little time between deployments to Iraq they had to cram more than a year’s worth of training into four months.”

At first blush, one could say, sure, this amount of training time seems a bit too short for someone to go into an operational theater, not to mention the field where every move one makes has consequences. Some of us would say that there are very plausible reasons to have just such a training period. I will hold that assessment until my conclusion. My true intent at the outset is to show just how off the mark these “writers” are when it comes to understanding US Military training and deployment policies, procedures, and ultimately goals and objectives that are more strategic in nature. Or, more appropriately, just what these twits are really up to as they mask their true colors.

The “writer” continues:

“Some had only a few days to learn how to fire their new rifles before they deployed to Iraq - for the third time - last month.”

Now, let’s really look at this statement closely. This is the third time that this particular team, or team member that she spoke with, has been to the battlefield. They had weapons then, obviously, yet this time they have a new weapon. Is the weapon in question such a tectonic departure from their current weapon for their MOS? And I am assuming these individuals are only in the US Army (1st Brigade, 3rd Infantry), what if it were a US Marine or US Air Force Security Forces person? C’mon, is this reporterette honestly trying to make me swallow this swill, hook, line and sinker?! Are all the “SF Comical” readers truly that lost that they do not understand weapons training and in-combat experience?

Am I the only one awake, left reading this tripe, and barely able to hold down my breakfast? Well, this gets better, really! Chew on this one:

“And some soldiers were assigned to the brigade so late that they had no time to train in the United States at all. Instead of the yearlong training recommended prior to deployment, they prepared for war during the two weeks they spent in Kuwait, en route to Anbar, Iraq’s deadliest province.”

Again, members of this brigade are on their THIRD ROTATION! Or, am I just missing something she seems to understand as being crucial to the whole picture? Onward:

“As the Pentagon prepares to boost troop levels in Iraq by 21,500 people, such logistical and training hurdles are emblematic of the struggles besieging a military strained by unexpectedly long and grueling commitments in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

I’m trying really hard to stay calm here … really …

You’d think that, based upon the above, we are talking about shortened training time with new weapons, right? Oh no, this little barb sticks out, in a big way:

“After the Cold War, U.S. military [her use of case, not mine] policy - pushed hard by former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s policy of “transformation” - relied too much on cutting-edge technology and air power and too little on boots on the ground, and further undercut spending on equipment that would protect large ground forces, critics charge.”

Why do these pinheads always dodge the bullet and say, “critics charge” or “military analysts conclude”? Why isn’t this reporterette making an assertion herself? C’mon have some “gravitas” and make the call yourself! Hiding behind faceless, and often out of context, assertions that are based on several factors, not the one under discussion. But, I digress … these friggin’ chicken-livered, candy-assed, oops … sorry … onward …

Obviously, this writer has no information from which to posit an intelligent conclusion. Just 20 minutes of research on 5th Generation Warfare, and she’d be relatively up to speed on modernization and the efforts being put forth by the US Military - beyond boots on the ground. The only reason that the casualty rate is SO FRIGGIN’ LOW YOU MORON is due to these new, modern, and all encompassing changes to improve the net effective force strength and battlefield control infrastructure.

As to my statement above where I said I’d add a conclusion, well, here goes. Reporters like this Anna Badkhen, in pieces like her 4th of February 2007 piece, “Corners Cut in Rush to Add Troops”, really shows just how lost these people are today. I am struck by the obvious lack of military experience that pervades our printed and video media reports. To just take one point to task, shorter training times are not necessarily bad during war - in fact, they are quite often the smartest decision. By using real world examples (ie on the job training - the hallmark of the US Military!), while riskier, provides training that far surpasses anything you get using fake rounds and a confidence course! And, when you are already skilled with one rifle, how hard is it to get qual’d on a newer one? I know folks that would be splittin’ targets after about 10 minutes of mini-instruction on a new rifle!!! Once you’ve got the sight, feel, weight, balance, and correction for drift, any rifle is just damn deadly - to our enemy. So, THREE WEEKS TO LEARN A NEW RIFLE!?!?!?


What’s holding us back is stories, and I truly use the word story in reference to this reporter’s piece, and uninformed perspectives that cloud the overall effectiveness of the US Military. We wouldn’t have such a strong insurgency if it weren’t for the cut-N-run crowd and these twits that are very much the lesser of any species trying to grasp what warfare and the US Military are all about.

Anyway, we’re way beyond Apple Crisp and more into apple sauce … what a mess!

If you have the Sunday Comical from 4 February, 2007, maybe you need some bird cage liner?

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Red Eye? More Like Pink Eye!

Gotta ask ya, what possessed Fox News to run this show … ???

Does anyone remember their first time, the first time they heard “War of the Worlds” on the radio? I heard it one sleepy night many years ago while trying to stay awake at a friends house. My friends Dad wanted us to experience SciFi, and he knew this would give us a wonderful experience. I was maybe 12 years old (this really was a long time ago - Creature Features was on TV then, too), and we all tried to stay awake, and failed. I snapped out of it to hear the show in progress - it was ethereal. I listened in astonishment, slowly realizing that this was a story, fantasy, SciFi …

I was dozing after Greta’s show was winding down. I awoke to “Red Eye” on Fox News - ugh! I truly tried to survive through two commercial breaks. I really wish it was something else blaring out of my TV … wow, if this show makes it, then I really do not understand my fellow Fox News watchers.

I cannot wish this show on you. If you must, either choose to take a sharp stick in the eye, share a kleenex with anyone suffering from pink eye, or just flat out jump! Your life would truly be better than to suffer through “Red Eye”.

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