Amy, It’s as Simple as …

This is a follow-on, of sorts, from Amy’s previous post over at California Conservative and at her home blog Bottom Line Up Front. She says more than this one question I am taking out of context, but follow me here on this one key point.

Amy asks this question:

“What is someone saying who burns the flag?”

They burn Old Glory because they know that it offends so many of us to the core. If they were burning the flag in glee I suspect it would be noticeable - that the act is a happy event and a form of celebration. Yet, the hard looks on their faces, the venom in their speech, and the stamping on the flag in flames is exactly what it is - the flag is us.

If they could get away with it, they would be lighting us on fire and stamping us to death. That is what they are doing, make no mistake. There really is nothing there of any major substance, they just want us all to go away, die, expire, be null.

It is as basic as gutting you and I to the core.

And if I tried to defend the flag, which is my right and duty as a citizen of the United States of America, I would be arrested and thrown in jail for harming another person protesting. I am ex-US Air Force and I fought to keep the flag safe. No man, no team, no battalion is to leave our standard unprotected! If one must retreat, never forget the standard! Leave no man behind, and take our precious Old Glory with you - or be damned!

And, would there be any justice for me, the man that rescued Old Glory from being lit on fire and trampled?


I say that has gone out the window. There is no one left to protect our standard, our banner, Old Glory. She has been left on that hill with no one there to protect her. She has been left unprotected on Capitol Hill. Not one but 34 men and women with more respect for the almighty vote and their pursuit of power and money left her undefended. She stands there, battered and in disgrace, left to the curs that they are with more time on their hands than most - and more money and benefits than the richest we know.

Our bravest get paid a paltry sum, and not one would leave our standard in the shape she is in now!

Oh, and it is more than the 34, my friend. It is the whole lot of ‘em inside the Beltway, in the Big Cities, and teaching in our Nation’s Universities.

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5 Responses to “Amy, It’s as Simple as …”

  1. California Conservative » Flag Burning, Why?: It’s as Simple as … Says:

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  2. Amy Proctor Says:

    Salute the Flag, Burn the Flag

    Maybe it’s because our enemies burn our flag.

    Or, maybe it’s because no one NEEDS to burn a flag to have free speech any more than I need to punch someone in the face to say, “I hate your views”.

  3. GunnNutt Says:

    Good job.

  4. Amy Proctor Says:

    Wow, what great commentary, Steve. Very impassionated and I think very accurate. What makes the flag burner do so, beside the fact that he can, is to damage the morale of decent people who revere. Respect and reverence have religious connotations, so it shouldn’t be surprising that both the flag and crosses are torched as an act of defiance.

  5. Fix4RSO Says:

    So very true, Amy, I cannot agree more! I think that to connect this to respect and reverence is important, as you point out.

    I am starting to see that it’s the whole ball of wax wrapped up in hatred and adorned with the bow of childishness.


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